What to See in Thessaloniki: Your Detailed Travel Guide

Explore Thessaloniki's rich history, vibrant culture, stunning coastline and enjoy its warm climate. Uncover Greece's hidden gem!

What to See in Thessaloniki: Your Detailed Travel Guide


Get ready to explore Thessaloniki, the vibrant, historical city which is the second-largest city in Greece. With its stunning attractions, Thessaloniki offers a unique blend of ancient and modern culture, mouthwatering cuisine and lively nightlife, and picturesque views of the Thermaic Gulf.

The White Tower

Start your journey with the city’s most famous symbol, The White Tower. Once used as a fortress and a prison, it now serves as a museum and offers majestic views of the city and the sea.

Arch of Galerius

Next, head to the historical Arch of Galerius, also known as the Kamara. It is a well-preserved Roman structure with intricate carvings and is a reminder of Thessaloniki's rich historical past.

Rotunda of Galerius

Nearby, you will find the Rotunda of Galerius. Originally a Roman mausoleum, a Christian church, a mosque, and then again a church, the Rotunda is now a museum with stunning mosaics.

Ano Poli

Don’t miss out on Ano Poli, the old part of the city. This area survived the Great Fire of 1917 and still has traditional Greek houses and byzantine walls, along with breath-taking views of Thessaloniki.


Thessaloniki is a treasure trove for history and culture enthusiasts with its numerous well-curated museums.

  • The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
  • The Museum of Byzantine Culture
  • The Thessaloniki War Museum
  • The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki's rich blend of cultures over thousands of years is well-reflected in these museums.

Local Cuisine

Greece is famous for its delightful Mediterranean cuisine and Thessaloniki is no exception. Spend some time in Modiano and Kapani, the traditional markets, and try local cuisine like Bougatsa, Souvlaki, and Gyro.

Thessaloniki Nightlife

Thessaloniki’s nightlife is legendary in Greece. The city has numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues. Head to Ladadika, a popular area full of historical warehouses converted into stylish bars and clubs.


Thessaloniki is a city that never sleeps and will surely leave you with everlasting memories. Its tantalizing mix of history, culture, cuisine, and nightlife make it a must-visit destination for any traveler to Greece.