What to See in Olympiada: A Weather and Geography Guide

Explore Olympiada's stunning geography and unique climate - your perfect guide to its alluring landscapes and weather patterns.

What to See in Olympiada: A Weather and Geography Guide

Introduction to Olympiada

Olympiada is a beautiful gem located in the Balkans. Known for its rich history and magnificent landscape, Olympiada makes for a truly unforgettable getaway.

Geographical Overview

Olympiada is nestled in the northern region of Greece, sitting majestically on the eastern fringes of the Cholomontas mountain range. Our village, draped with natural beauty, is cradled in the arms of Anastasiadis bay on the Aegean Sea. If you love exploring landscapes, this idyllic Greek treasure with its undulating hills, pristine beaches, and verdant forests is waiting for you.

Weather Overview

The climate of Olympiada typically bears the Mediterranean characteristics. This means summers are generally warm and dry while winters are mild and wet. As an expert meteorologist, it's always advisable to visit during late spring and early summer, when the weather is more comfortable for exploration and outdoor activities.

Must-See Attractions in Olympiada

  1. Stagira: The birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle, the ancient city of Stagira offers a rich package of history and extraordinary architecture. It's located on the north section of Strandzha mountain, close to Olympiada.
  2. Strandzha Mountain: Indulge in a hike up this beauty. The mountain is home to some unique biodiversity, and a trek here will offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding region.
  3. Cholomontas Forest: Explore the fragrant pine forests that surround Olympiada. Their lush greenery and local wildlife make for a great day trip.

Culinary Delights

Olympiada is equally famous for its culinary delights which are a rich mix of Greek and Balkan cuisine. Some of the must-try dishes include gyros, souvlaki, moussaka, and of course the locally caught seafood.


Accommodations in Olympiada cater to all types of tourists. There are luxury resorts with state-of-the-art facilities, mid-range hotels offering incredible views of the sea, and budget-friendly hostels for backpackers.

Olympiada offers unique weather, landscapes, food and a rich history that make it an unforgettable travel destination.