What to see in Nagasaki: Travel Guide

What to see in Nagasaki: Travel Guide

Explore Nagasaki

Nagasaki is a historic city located on the island of Kyushu in Japan. With a rich cultural heritage and a tragic history, Nagasaki offers visitors a unique blend of traditional Japanese attractions and reminders of its past.

Visit Historic Sites

Nagasaki is known for its historic sites, including the iconic Nagasaki Peace Park and the sobering Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. Take a moment to reflect on the events of August 9, 1945, when Nagasaki became the second city in the world to experience a nuclear attack.

Experience Culture

Immerse yourself in Nagasaki's vibrant culture by exploring the Glover Garden, a former colonial residence with stunning views of the city. Visit the Oura Church, a beautiful example of Western architecture in Japan.

Sample Local Cuisine

Nagasaki is famous for its unique culinary scene influenced by its history as a port city. Don't miss trying Nagasaki Champon, a delicious noodle dish, and Castella, a sponge cake introduced by Portuguese missionaries.

Enjoy Nature

Take a break from the city and explore the natural beauty of Nagasaki. Visit Mount Inasa for panoramic views of the city and enjoy a relaxing stroll in the Nagasaki Peace Park.

Shop for Souvenirs

Take home a piece of Nagasaki by shopping for souvenirs in the bustling Chinatown district or browsing the shops in the Hamano-machi Arcade. Pick up traditional crafts or unique gifts to remember your trip.

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