What to see in Kanagawa: A Traveler's Guide

What to see in Kanagawa: A Traveler's Guide

Exploring Kanagawa

Kanagawa Prefecture is a vibrant and dynamic region located just south of Tokyo, Japan. Known for its stunning coastlines, historical attractions, and bustling cities, Kanagawa offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers to enjoy.

Top Attractions

1. Kamakura: Explore the ancient temples and shrines of Kamakura, including the iconic Great Buddha statue at Kotokuin Temple.

2. Hakone: Relax in the hot springs of Hakone and take in breathtaking views of Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi.

3. Yokohama: Visit the vibrant port city of Yokohama, home to attractions such as Chinatown, Yamashita Park, and the futuristic Minato Mirai district.

Outdoor Adventures

Discover the natural beauty of Kanagawa through various outdoor activities:

  • Hiking in the Hakone mountains
  • Surfing at Shonan Beach
  • Cycling along the Sagami Bay coastline

Cultural Experiences

Immerse yourself in Kanagawa's rich cultural heritage:

  • Attend a traditional tea ceremony
  • Try your hand at making pottery in Yokohama
  • Visit Enoshima Island to explore its historical shrines and caves

Local Cuisine

Indulge in Kanagawa's delicious food specialties:

  • Savor fresh seafood at Yokohama's famous fish market
  • Try the region's renowned Shonan Kamaboko fish cakes
  • Sample a bowl of hearty tonkotsu ramen in Hakone


Kanagawa experiences a moderate climate with warm summers and mild winters. Be prepared for occasional rainfall throughout the year, especially during the rainy season in June and typhoon season in late summer.

Getting Around

Traveling in Kanagawa is convenient thanks to an extensive transportation network. The prefecture is well-connected by trains, buses, and ferries, making it easy to explore the region's diverse attractions.

Map of Kanagawa