What to See in Corfu: Travel Guide

What to See in Corfu: Travel Guide

Explore the Beauty of Corfu

Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is a stunning Greek island located in the Ionian Sea. Its lush green landscape, crystal clear waters, and charming villages make it a popular destination for travelers seeking natural beauty and rich cultural experiences.

Top Attractions in Corfu

1. Old Town of Corfu: Explore the narrow cobbled streets, ancient fortresses, and Venetian architecture in the UNESCO-listed Old Town.

2. Paleokastritsa: Visit this picturesque resort town with stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

3. Achillion Palace: Marvel at this neoclassical palace built for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, surrounded by beautiful gardens and offering panoramic views of the island.

4. Mount Pantokrator: Hike or drive up to the highest peak on the island for breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea and the Albanian coastline.

5. Canal d'Amour: Discover this unique rock formation near Sidari, believed to bring love to couples who swim through the narrow canal.

Best Beaches in Corfu

Corfu boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, ranging from bustling resorts to secluded coves:

  • Paleokastritsa Beach: A popular choice with crystal-clear waters and stunning cliffs.
  • Glyfada Beach: A sandy beach with clear blue waters and excellent water sports facilities.
  • Kontokali Beach: Ideal for families with shallow waters and plenty of amenities.
  • Agios Gordios Beach: Surrounded by lush green hills, perfect for a relaxing day by the sea.

Local Cuisine and Dining

Corfu offers a delightful culinary scene with a mix of traditional Greek and Venetian influences:

  1. Corfiot Pastitsada: A hearty beef or chicken stew served with pasta, a local favorite.
  2. Baklava: Indulge in this sweet pastry layered with nuts and honey, a popular dessert in Corfu.
  3. Sofrito: Try this traditional dish made with veal cooked in a white wine and garlic sauce.

Weather in Corfu

Corfu enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The best time to visit is during the spring and autumn when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities.

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