What to See in Big Sur: Travel Guide

What to See in Big Sur: Travel Guide

Exploring Big Sur: A Traveler's Paradise

Located on the rugged central coast of California, Big Sur offers a breathtaking combination of majestic cliffs, towering redwoods, and pristine beaches. This iconic stretch of coastline is a haven for nature lovers, hikers, and photographers alike.

Key Attractions

1. Bixby Creek Bridge: One of the most photographed bridges in California, this iconic structure offers stunning views of the coastline.

2. McWay Falls: A picturesque waterfall that drops into the ocean, creating a mesmerizing scene that is not to be missed.

3. Pfeiffer Beach: Known for its purple sands and impressive rock formations, this hidden gem is perfect for a day of relaxation.

Outdoor Activities

Big Sur is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities to enjoy the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you.

1. Hiking: Explore the numerous trails that wind through the redwood forests and along the cliffs, offering unparalleled views of the coastline.

2. Camping: Spend a night under the stars at one of the many campgrounds that dot the area, providing a truly immersive outdoor experience.

3. Surfing: Brave the waves at one of the local surf spots for an exhilarating adventure on the water.

Local Cuisine

After a day of exploration, be sure to sample the local culinary delights that Big Sur has to offer.

1. Nepenthe: Enjoy a meal with a view at this iconic restaurant perched high on the cliffs, offering breathtaking vistas of the coastline.

2. Big Sur Bakery: Indulge in freshly baked goods and artisanal cuisine at this charming bakery located in the heart of Big Sur.

3. Deetjen's Big Sur Inn: Experience the cozy atmosphere and delicious cuisine at this historic inn, a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


Big Sur enjoys a mild coastal climate, with temperatures typically ranging from 50°F to 70°F throughout the year. However, be prepared for sudden changes in weather, especially in the winter months when rain and fog are common.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you're seeking outdoor adventure or simply hoping to unwind in a tranquil setting, Big Sur has something for everyone. Be sure to plan ahead, as accommodations can fill up quickly, especially during the peak summer months.