What to See in Astros: A Comprehensive Travel and Weather Guide

Explore Astros: Uncover stunning sights with our comprehensive guide. Includes location-specific weather data for an ideal visit.

What to See in Astros: A Comprehensive Travel and Weather Guide

About Astros

Astros is a captivating town located in Peloponnese, Greece, known for its historical remains, beautiful beaches, and hospitable locals. The emerald waters of the Argolic Gulf, lush olive groves, and the prominence of Nafplio promise you a memorable holiday experience.

Attractions in Astros

  • Arsenal Square: The central square of Astros, it houses old buildings and local shops perfect for a leisurely walk.
  • Paralio Astros Beach: A picturesque beach ideal for sunbathing and water activities.
  • Monastery of Loukous: A peaceful sanctuary dating back to the Byzantine era.
  • Castle of Zafeiropouloi: An 18th-century castle perched atop a hill, offering panoramic views of the Argolic Gulf.

Climate in Astros

Astros enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterised by hot summers and mild winters. Summers (June-August) are the best time to visit with temperatures ranging between 25-30°C. October to March witnesses a cooler and more rainy season with temperatures between 10-15°C.

Where to Stay in Astros

  • Hotel Apartments Rodini: Offers a pleasant stay with an outside pool and sea views.
  • Meligou Hotel: A cosy hotel situated near the beach with comfortable rooms.
  • Byzantinon Hotel: A boutique hotel providing luxury accommodation with beautiful sea views.

Local Cuisine

Greek cuisine shines in Astros with delicious traditional foods. Try out specialties like Moussaka (eggplant or potato-based dish), Souvlaki (grilled meat skewers), and Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip). Don't forget to take a sip of Ouzo, the most famous alcoholic beverage in Greece.

Getting Around

Astros is a small place and can be mostly covered by foot. For far-reaching destinations, rental cars and local taxis are available. Boat services are also there for sea touring.

Final Thoughts

Blessed with idyllic landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine, and rich history, Astros is a must-visit destination for seekers of tranquility and cultural engagement. Safe travels!