What to see in Arita: Travel Guide

What to see in Arita: Travel Guide

Arita Travel Guide

Arita is a charming town located in Saga Prefecture, Japan, known for its prestigious history in producing ceramics for over 400 years. Here are some highlights of what to see and do in Arita:

Historical Sites

One of the must-visit spots in Arita is the Kyushu Ceramic Museum, which showcases the rich tradition and expertise of the local ceramic artisans. Take a stroll through the museum and marvel at the intricate designs and craftsmanship on display.

Cultural Experiences

Participate in a pottery workshop and try your hand at creating your own ceramic masterpiece. Many local studios offer classes for visitors to learn about the art of Arita ware and create their own unique piece to take home as a souvenir.


Explore the charming streets of Arita lined with traditional pottery shops and galleries. Browse through the wide selection of ceramic wares, from traditional to contemporary designs, and find the perfect piece to add to your collection.

Culinary Delights

Indulge in the local cuisine of Arita, including delicious dishes served on beautifully crafted Arita ware. Visit one of the local restaurants to savor traditional Japanese flavors while dining on exquisite ceramic tableware.

Outdoor Activities

Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Arita countryside, dotted with kilns and pottery studios. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Events and Festivals

Plan your visit to coincide with one of the many ceramics festivals held in Arita throughout the year. Experience the vibrant local culture through exhibitions, demonstrations, and cultural performances celebrating the art of pottery.