Tottori's Local Cuisine: Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Tottori's Local Cuisine: Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Tottori's Local Cuisine: Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Tottori, located in the Chugoku region of Japan, is known for its unique and delicious local cuisine. The region's close proximity to the sea and its fertile agricultural land contribute to the abundance of fresh ingredients used in Tottori's traditional dishes. If you're visiting this picturesque prefecture, make sure to try these mouthwatering delicacies:

Tottori Wagyu Beef

Tottori Wagyu Beef is one of the region's prized culinary treasures. Raised on a special diet of local grains and given plenty of exercise, Tottori Wagyu is renowned for its marbling and tender texture. It's often served as thinly sliced sukiyaki or grilled yakiniku style. For an authentic experience, head to restaurants like Yakiniku Ukaiya or Dandan Yakiniku in Tottori City, where you can savor the succulent flavors of this premium beef.


Shottsuru is a flavorful fish sauce that has been a staple ingredient in Tottori's cuisine for centuries. Made by fermenting small fish known as shijimi clams, this condiment adds a unique umami taste to various dishes. In Tottori, it's commonly used in soups, stews, and even desserts. Try a bowl of shottsuru ramen at Ramen Ichiban Tottori Main Store to experience the region's distinct flavors.

Sakyu Dango

Sakyu Dango is a popular sweet treat in Tottori. Made from roasted soybean flour and sweet red bean paste, these chewy dumplings are often enjoyed as a snack while exploring Tottori Sand Dunes, one of Japan's largest sand dune systems. Savor the combination of textures and flavors at a local teahouse like Oshokujidokoro Ma-ya, which offers a serene space to enjoy Sakyu Dango alongside a cup of matcha tea.

Matsuba Crab

Located along the Sea of Japan, Tottori is blessed with an abundance of seafood. The Matsuba Crab, named after its pine-shaped top shell, is a local delicacy that seafood lovers should not miss. Known for its tender flesh and sweet flavor, the Matsuba Crab is often served as sashimi or grilled with a touch of soy sauce. Enjoy a delightful crab feast at Wasabian or Kotobuki, two popular seafood restaurants in Tottori.


Buri, or Japanese amberjack, is a prized fish in Tottori known for its rich flavor and fatty meat. It is often enjoyed in various preparations, such as sashimi, grilled, or as a topping for rice bowls. Many local sushi restaurants, like Sushidokoro Takaya and Kaiyutei, showcase the freshness and taste of Buri in their exquisite sushi and sashimi platters.


Botebisho, a type of blowfish or pufferfish, is a delicacy that can be found in Tottori during the winter season. Highly prized for its exquisite taste and delicate texture, Botebisho is skillfully prepared by licensed chefs who remove the toxins from the fish, ensuring a safe dining experience. Savor this luxury ingredient at high-end restaurants like Ryoriya Tamaya or Fugu Chaya Shylan.

Where to Dine in Tottori

Tottori offers a wide range of dining options to satisfy every palate. Here are some recommended restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine:

Yakiniku Ukaiya

- Address: 1-13-2 Kamimachi, Tottori, Tottori 680-0832 - Phone: +81 857-26-9901

Dandan Yakiniku

- Address: 105-1 Kurayoshi, Tottori 682-0124 - Phone: +81 857-22-9852

Ramen Ichiban Tottori Main Store

- Address: 101 Fusecho, Tottori, Tottori 680-0841 - Phone: +81 857-24-7255

Oshokujidokoro Ma-ya

- Address: 2164-2 Fukube-cho, Tottori, Tottori 680-0905 - Phone: +81 857-23-0363


- Address: 1-10-1 Kakuhoku, Tottori, Tottori 680-0845 - Phone: +81 857-29-1112


- Address: 442-2 Fukubecho, Tottori, Tottori 680-0905 - Phone: +81 857-25-7702

Sushidokoro Takaya

- Address: 734-9 Higashihonji, Tottori, Tottori 680-0865 - Phone: +81 857-24-0079


- Address: 4-23-11 Ekimae-cho, Tottori, Tottori 680-0823 - Phone: +81 857-22-2536

Ryoriya Tamaya

- Address: 71 Hisadacho, Tottori, Tottori 680-0936 - Phone: +81 857-24-8077

Fugu Chaya Shylan

- Address: 342 Obi, Tottori, Tottori 680-0733 - Phone: +81 857-29-0013 And here is the embedded Google Maps code: