Serifos Island: Comprehensive Travel Guide for Tourists

Explore Serifos Island, Greece: pristine beaches, hilltop villages, and ancient lore. Your sublime Greek island escape starts here!

Serifos Island: Comprehensive Travel Guide for Tourists

About Serifos Island

Serifos Island is a small, beautiful gem of the Aegean Sea, nestled within the Greek Cyclades Islands. Known for its remarkable landscapes, serene beaches, and the unique charm of its cobblestone towns, Serifos is an underrated treasure that promises a truly memorable escape.

History of Serifos Island

The historical richness of Serifos is fascinating—with artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age offering proof that the island has been inhabited since 3,000 BC. The island was known in ancient times for its rich deposits of gold, silver, and copper. According to Greek mythology, Serifos was where Perseus and his mother Danaë took refuge when they were sent adrift in a box in the sea by King Acrisius.

Culture and traditions

Largely untouched by mainstream tourism, Serifos has retained its authentic Greek charm and culture. The locals are warm, welcoming and take pride in maintaining their traditional practices. You could witness the enchanting Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations or join the vibrant festivities of the Sardine Festival that takes place every August.


  • Panagia Festival: Celebrated on August 15th, this is the largest festival on the island. Devotees from across the country flock to the island to honor the Assumption of Virgin Mary.
  • Sardine Festival: A tribute to Serifos’ culinary specialty, the Sardine Festival in August brings everyone together for feasting, dancing, and music.
  • Wine Festival: Held in September, the Wine Festival is a joyous celebration of the island’s exceptional local wines.

Local anecdotes and myths

One charming tale prevails amongst locals about the peculiar baldness of Serifos. The story goes that when the island's patron saint, St. Sostis, was chased by pirates onto the island, he prayed to God to make the island barren so that the pirates would lose interest and leave him alone. Witnessing the miracle, the pirates abandoned the island, leaving St. Sostis in peace.

Interesting facts

  1. The island’s capital, Chora, is set upon a rocky hill and showcases an impressive Venetian fortress.
  2. You'll find more than 70 beautiful beaches around the island.
  3. Serifos gained fame in the late 19th and early 20th century for its flourishing iron mines.
  4. Several scenes from the famous 1961 Greek movie "Madalena" were filmed in Serifos.