Sapporo's Delightful Cuisine: Dishes, Restaurants & Traditional Recipes

Sapporo's Delightful Cuisine: Dishes, Restaurants & Traditional Recipes

Sapporo's Delightful Cuisine: Dishes, Restaurants & Traditional Recipes

Welcome to Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. Not only known for its beautiful landscapes and winter festivals, Sapporo is also a culinary gem, offering a diverse range of delicious dishes that will satisfy any food lover's cravings. From hearty comfort foods to delicate seafood delicacies, Sapporo's cuisine is a blend of local ingredients and traditional Japanese flavors.

Local Dishes

Sapporo boasts a variety of local dishes that are must-tries for visitors. Let's dive into some of the most popular ones:

Miso Ramen

Sapporo is famous for its miso ramen, a savory noodle soup where the broth is made with fermented soybean paste. The rich and creamy miso broth is complemented by chewy ramen noodles, topped with slices of tender chashu pork, green onions, and other optional toppings like corn or butter. Try this iconic dish at Ramen Alley, a narrow street with numerous ramen shops.


Jingisukan, or Genghis Khan, is a grilled lamb dish that originated in Hokkaido. Thinly sliced lamb is grilled on a special dome-shaped skillet, typically accompanied by vegetables such as cabbage, onions, and mushrooms. The meat is marinated in a savory sauce, enhancing its natural flavors. Head to a local Jingisukan restaurant to savor this delicious and hearty dish.


Ika-Meshi is a specialty dish of Sapporo, featuring squid stuffed with seasoned rice. The squid is cooked until tender, and the rice absorbs its flavors, creating a delightful combination of textures and tastes. This unique dish can be found in local seafood restaurants across the city, particularly those located near the vibrant Susukino district.

Genghis Khan Ramen

A fusion of two iconic dishes, Genghis Khan Ramen offers the best of both worlds. It combines the flavors of Jingisukan's grilled lamb with the comforting goodness of miso ramen. Served with ramen noodles and a miso-based broth, this hearty dish is topped with slices of deliciously grilled lamb, creating a unique and satisfying culinary experience.

Restaurants and Kitchens

Sapporo is home to a wide range of restaurants and kitchens offering diverse cuisines. Here are some top picks for a memorable dining experience:

Sapporo Beer Garden

If you're a fan of beer and grilled meats, Sapporo Beer Garden is a must-visit. Located in the historic Sapporo Beer Museum, this restaurant offers all-you-can-eat Genghis Khan barbecue featuring the famous Sapporo beer. Enjoy a fun and delicious dining experience in a lively atmosphere.

Susukino District

The bustling Susukino district is known for its vibrant nightlife and wide selection of dining options. Here, you'll find numerous restaurants specializing in Hokkaido's seafood delicacies, including fresh sushi, sashimi, and grilled seafood. Take a stroll through Susukino and explore the various culinary delights on offer.

Ramen Yokocho

If you're a ramen enthusiast, a visit to Ramen Yokocho is a must. Located in the Tanukikoji shopping arcade, this narrow alley is packed with small ramen shops, each with its own unique style and flavors. Dive into a bowl of piping hot ramen and discover your favorite among the many options available.

Traditional Recipes

If you want to recreate the flavors of Sapporo in your own kitchen, here are a couple of traditional recipes to try:

Miso Ramen Recipe

  1. Ingredients:
  • 1 pack of ramen noodles
  • 2 cups of chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons of miso paste
  • Chashu pork slices
  • Sliced green onions
  • Corn and butter (optional)
  1. Instructions:
  2. Cook the ramen noodles according to the package instructions.
  3. In a separate pot, heat the chicken broth and whisk in the miso paste until dissolved.
  4. Divide the cooked noodles into bowls and pour the miso broth over them.
  5. Top with chashu pork slices, sliced green onions, and any other desired toppings such as corn and butter.
  6. Enjoy your homemade miso ramen!

Jingisukan Recipe

Due to the complex preparation process involved in making Jingisukan, it's recommended to experience this dish at a local restaurant. However, if you're feeling adventurous, here's a simplified version of the recipe:

  1. Ingredients:
  • Thinly sliced lamb
  • Cabbage, sliced
  • Onions, sliced
  • Mushrooms, sliced
  • Jingisukan sauce (can be found in Asian grocery stores or made from soy sauce, mirin, garlic, and ginger)
  1. Instructions:
  2. Marinate the sliced lamb in the Jingisukan sauce for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Heat a skillet or grill pan and cook the lamb until nicely browned.
  4. Add the sliced cabbage, onions, and mushrooms to the skillet and cook until tender.
  5. Serve the grilled lamb and vegetables together and enjoy the flavors of Jingisukan!

Embark on a culinary adventure in Sapporo and savor the unique flavors of this vibrant city in Japan. From iconic dishes to hidden gems, Sapporo offers a diverse range of cuisine that will leave your taste buds truly satisfied.