Rethymno Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Attractions

Explore Rethymno, Greece! Discover rich history, iconic landmarks, and stunning beaches in this compelling travel guide. Journey awaits!

Rethymno Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Attractions

Welcome to Rethymno

Rethymno, a city found on the beautiful island of Crete in Greece, offers a perfect blend of the ancient and the modern, boasting an awe-inspiring built heritage and a breathtaking natural environment.


Rethymno has a rich historical background. Established over 4,000 years ago, it's been a significant metropolis for the Mycenean civilization, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Era, the Venetian Period, and the Ottoman Empire. The rich history of Rethymno is evident in its architecture, with Venetian fortresses, Ottoman mosques, and Byzantine monasteries coexisting harmoniously within the city's limits.


Rethymnon's culture is unabashedly vibrant and lively. Chain dances, music, food, and countless festivities add color to every season in the city. The locals always welcome visitors with a friendly smile and are always pleased to share their traditions and folklore.


Rethymno is famous for its festivals such as:

  • The Carnival of Rethymno - a colorful event that takes place annually.
  • The Renaissance Festival - which pays tribute to the city's Venetian past.
  • The Cretan Wine Festival - an event where the city celebrates its rich wine production.


Wherever you go in Rethymno, you will find traces of its glorious past. Key attractions include:

  • Forteza Fortress - a work of Venetian architecture that stands as a reminder of the city's defense against invaders.
  • Rethymno Lighthouse - situated on the edge of the old town's Venetian harbour, it provides a photogenic view.
  • Archaeological Museum of Rethymno - offers a deep insight into the city's ancient civilizations.

Eating Out

You can't visit Rethymno without experiencing its cuisine. The city is known for its tasty dishes such as lamb with lemon, mizithra cheese, and local olive oil, among others.


Visitors can also find plenty of opportunities to shop in Rethymno. Artisanal items, from handmade leather goods to traditional Cretan rugs, can be found in local shops and markets.

How to get around

Rethymno is easily navigable on foot for most journeys but also has an efficient local bus service. Taxis are also available and reasonably priced. For those seeking adventure, there are plenty of places to rent bicycles, motorcycles, or cars.

At the end of your journey, a stroll around the old town at dusk is definitely a must with its cobbled pathways and historic buildings taking on a romantic glow.