Practical Travel Guide to Katerini, Greece

Explore Katerini, Greece- Marvel at ancient sites, pristine beaches, and exceptional gastronomy. Start your Greek adventure now!

Practical Travel Guide to Katerini, Greece

Katerini Travel Guide

Welcome to Katerini, a wonderful slice of heaven nestled amidst the green plains of Macedonia in Northern Greece. Flaunting a perfect blend of traditional Greek charm and modern comforts, Katerini promises a refreshing retreat. Strap in for an enriching holiday flavored with historic depth, cultural intricacies, and nature’s pristine beauty.

Historical Context

Katerini, named after Saint Catherine (Agia Ekaterini), found its place on the map during the 17th century as a small settlement, which gradually evolved into a charming city that it is today, being the capital of Pieria regional unit.

Historically, Katerini is a treasure trove. The layers of this city's ancient history can be peeled back to reveal the influences of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman empires, all of which have left their architectural and cultural imprints.

Cultural Practices

Immerse in the Greek culture in Katerini's tavernas and cafés. This city is known for its warm hospitality, cherished traditions, and delightful cuisines. Be sure to partake in local traditions such as the afternoon 'volta', a leisurely stroll with loved ones. And savor a glass of ‘tsipouro’, a strong spirit with an ouzo-like flavor, often served with a hearty Greek meal.


Katerini thrives on celebrations, each adding its distinct hue to the city’s cultural rainbow. Two of the most anticipated events are 'carnival' (usually in February or March) and the 'Sardine Festival' in summer.

The Carnival, locally known as 'Apokries', sees locals don carnivalesque costumes, with music, dance, and parades filling the streets.

The 'Sardine Festival', meanwhile, is a gastronomic delight celebrating the humble fish. Expect music, dance, endless barbeques, and of course, abundant sardines.

The Wonders of Katerini

Katerini is home to splendid sites and landmarks worth exploring. Some highlights include:

  • The Archaeological Site of Dion: An important cultural hub of the ancient Macedonians, filled with sanctuaries, theaters, and statues, providing a window into ancient Greek civilization.
  • Olympus National Park: A paradise for nature and adventure lovers, housing Greece's highest mountain, home to astonishing biodiversity, and offering countless trekking paths.
  • Paralia Katerini Beach: A breathtakingly beautiful coastline, perfect for sunbathing, beach games, aquatic adventures, or dreamy seaside strolls.
  • The Old Market (Palia Agora): Step into this vibrant market to experience local commerce alive amidst traditional shops that sell everything from regional crafts and vintage clothes to local herbs and cheese.

For food lovers, don’t miss out on tasting the local flavor in traditional tavernas serving authentic local dishes like Bougatsa, Moussaka, and Tzatziki.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that Olympus National Park, located in Katerini, is the first National Park of Greece, designated way back in 1938? It is also the home of the Twelve Olympian gods of ancient Greek religion.

Also, Katerini hosts one of Greece's biggest carnivals, with a grand parade illustrating the city’s zest for life. This city enchants its visitors, not just with its scenic beauty and cultural richness, but with its moments of unassuming simplicity and heartfelt storytelling.