Miyajima's Authentic Cuisine: Local Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Miyajima's Authentic Cuisine: Local Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Miyajima's Authentic Cuisine: Local Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Located in Hiroshima Bay, Miyajima is a small island known for its stunning views and rich cultural heritage. But beyond its natural beauty and historical sites, Miyajima is also a culinary paradise. The island offers a plethora of authentic dishes that showcase the region's unique flavors and traditions. In this guide, we'll take a gastronomic journey through Miyajima's local cuisine, recommend some top restaurants to try, and even provide you with a few recipes to recreate these delectable dishes at home.

Local Dishes

Miyajima is renowned for its fresh seafood, so it's no surprise that many of the island's signature dishes feature fish and shellfish as key ingredients. Here are some must-try dishes when visiting Miyajima:

  • Anago-meshi (Grilled Conger Eel with Rice): This popular local dish consists of tender, grilled conger eel served over a bed of steamed rice. The eel is typically seasoned with a sweet soy-based glaze, resulting in a delightful combination of flavors.
  • Momiji Manju (Maple Leaf-Shaped Sweet Cake): These adorable little cakes are a Miyajima specialty. Shaped like the island's iconic maple leaves, Momiji Manju is typically filled with delicious fillings like red bean paste or matcha.
  • Itsukushima Sweets: Miyajima is also known for its wide range of traditional Japanese sweets, including dorayaki (red bean pancakes), warabi mochi (chewy rice cake coated in kinako), and anmitsu (a dessert made with jelly, fruit, and sweet bean paste). Don't miss the opportunity to try these delightful treats during your visit.
  • Okonomiyaki: While not exclusive to Miyajima, Okonomiyaki is a popular savory pancake in the region. It's made from a batter mixed with various ingredients like cabbage, pork, and seafood, topped with a special Worcestershire-style sauce, mayo, and bonito flakes. You can find excellent Okonomiyaki restaurants within walking distance of the ferry terminal.

Restaurants and Kitchens

Miyajima is home to a variety of restaurants and kitchens that cater to different tastes and budgets. Here are some notable establishments where you can savor the island's finest cuisine:

1. Iwaso Ryokan

A visit to Miyajima wouldn't be complete without trying the kaiseki (traditional multi-course) meal at Iwaso Ryokan. This renowned ryokan offers a truly exceptional dining experience, where you can indulge in seasonal dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The stunning views of the surrounding gardens and the torii gate add an extra touch of enchantment to your meal.

2. Kakiya

If you're a fan of oysters, Kakiya is a must-visit. This cozy restaurant specializes in oyster dishes and serves them in various mouthwatering preparations, such as grilled, deep-fried, or served raw on the half-shell. The oysters here are incredibly fresh and bursting with flavor, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

3. Miyajima Brewery

For craft beer enthusiasts, a visit to Miyajima Brewery is highly recommended. This microbrewery produces a range of delicious and unique beers using traditional Japanese brewing techniques. Enjoy a tasting flight of their different brews and pair them with some delectable snacks for a perfect evening on the island.

Recipes to Try at Home

Craving some authentic Miyajima flavors but can't make the trip? Try making these dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen:

1. Anago-meshi (Grilled Conger Eel with Rice) Recipe

  1. Grill the conger eel fillets until lightly charred and brush with a sweet soy glaze.
  2. Cook Japanese rice in a rice cooker or on the stovetop according to package instructions.
  3. Serve the grilled eel over steamed rice and drizzle with additional glaze.

2. Okonomiyaki (Savory Pancake) Recipe

  1. Mix shredded cabbage, diced pork or seafood, and batter (made from flour, water, and egg) together.
  2. Cook the mixture on a hot griddle until golden brown on both sides.
  3. Top with Okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, and bonito flakes.

These recipes will give you a taste of Miyajima's culinary delights and bring the island's flavors into your own home.

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