Izumo's Authentic Culinary Delights: Local Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Izumo's Authentic Culinary Delights: Local Dishes, Restaurants & Recipes

Izumo's Authentic Culinary Delights

Welcome to Izumo, a vibrant city located in the heart of Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning shrines, Izumo also delights visitors with its incredibly diverse and delicious cuisine. From traditional dishes to modern fusion creations, there is something to satisfy every palate. Let's explore the local flavors and uncover the best places to indulge in Izumo's culinary delights.

Local Dishes

Izumo offers a range of traditional dishes steeped in centuries-old traditions. Here are a few must-try local delicacies:

Izumo Soba

Izumo soba is a type of buckwheat noodle dish that originated in the region. The soba noodles are hand-rolled and have a unique texture. Served both hot and cold, Izumo soba is often enjoyed with a flavorful dipping sauce made from soy sauce, mirin, and local ingredients.

Izumo Hinomisaki Oysters

Izumo is blessed with pristine coastal waters, which means mouthwatering seafood is abundant. The Izumo Hinomisaki oysters are world-renowned for their plumpness and rich flavor. These succulent oysters can be enjoyed raw, grilled, or in a variety of other delectable preparations.

Izumo Zenzai

A traditional dessert that satisfies any sweet tooth, Izumo zenzai is a red bean soup commonly served with mochi (glutinous rice cakes). The red bean soup is delicately sweetened and provides a comforting and warm experience, especially during the colder months.


Izumo boasts a vibrant food scene with numerous restaurants offering a diverse range of culinary experiences. Here are some notable establishments worth visiting:

Izumo Izakaya

A visit to Izumo wouldn't be complete without stepping into a traditional izakaya. Sample an array of small plates, known as "izakaya-style" dining, featuring local dishes, fresh sashimi, grilled skewers, and of course, sake. Izumo Izakaya is the perfect place to soak up the lively atmosphere and enjoy the company of friends.

Ryokan Restaurant Yumekura

For an extraordinary dining experience, Ryokan Restaurant Yumekura offers a fusion of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. Situated within a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), this restaurant showcases seasonal ingredients through beautifully presented dishes. The serene ambiance adds an extra touch of elegance to the meal.


If you'd like to recreate the flavors of Izumo at home, here are two popular recipes:

Izumo Soba Recipe


  • 200g buckwheat flour
  • 100g all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup water
  • Dipping sauce: soy sauce, mirin, chopped green onion


  1. Mix the buckwheat flour and all-purpose flour in a bowl.
  2. Add water gradually while kneading the dough until it becomes firm.
  3. Roll the dough into a thin sheet and cut into thin strips.
  4. Cook the soba noodles in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Drain the noodles and rinse under cold water.
  6. Prepare the dipping sauce by mixing soy sauce, mirin, and chopped green onion.
  7. Serve the soba noodles with the dipping sauce and enjoy!

Izumo Zenzai Recipe


  • 200g adzuki beans
  • 100g sugar
  • Water
  • Mochi (glutinous rice cakes)


  1. Rinse the adzuki beans and soak them in water overnight.
  2. Drain the beans and put them in a pot with fresh water.
  3. Bring the beans to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer until tender (approximately 1-2 hours).
  4. Add sugar to the pot and continue simmering until the beans and liquid create a smooth texture.
  5. Cook the mochi according to the instructions on the package.
  6. Serve the zenzai hot, with a few mochi pieces on top.

Exploring Izumo's Culinary Wonders