Exploring Uwajima's Authentic Cuisine

Exploring Uwajima's Authentic Cuisine

Exploring Uwajima's Authentic Cuisine

Welcome to Uwajima, a charming city situated in the Ehime Prefecture of Japan. Known for its picturesque scenery, historical sites, and warm hospitality, Uwajima is also a haven for food lovers. If you are someone who enjoys exploring local cuisine, you are in for a treat here. With a rich culinary heritage and a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, Uwajima offers a mouthwatering array of authentic dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Let's dive into the culinary world of Uwajima!

Uwajima's Local Delicacies

Uwajima is blessed with a bountiful coastline, making seafood an integral part of its cuisine. Here are some of the must-try dishes:

Ise Ebi (Spiny Lobster)

Renowned for its succulent and sweet flesh, Ise Ebi is a delicacy adored by locals and visitors alike. In Uwajima, you can find it prepared in various ways, from sashimi to grilled. Indulge in the freshness of this exquisite crustacean and savor its delicate flavors.

Tai Meshi (Sea Bream Rice)

Tai Meshi is a delightful dish where succulent sea bream is cooked with rice, creating a fusion of flavors that is simply irresistible. The fish is gently poached, infusing the rice with its aromas, resulting in a fragrant and satisfying meal.

Jako Temaki (Baby Sardine Hand Rolls)

A local favorite, Jako Temaki is a simple yet satisfying dish. Baby sardines are lightly salted and served with seaweed and steamed rice, allowing you to assemble your own hand rolls. The combination of the briny fish, crunchy seaweed, and soft rice is a taste sensation that you won't want to miss.

Uwajima Udon

Udon lovers rejoice! Uwajima is known for its unique twist on this beloved noodle dish. The udon here is made with a blend of wheat flour and local salt, resulting in a tangy yet delicate flavor. Slurp up a bowl of Uwajima Udon and experience the heart and soul of the city's culinary traditions.

Where to Sample Uwajima's Cuisine

Now that your appetite is whetted, it's time to discover where you can indulge in Uwajima's delectable cuisine. Here are a few recommended restaurants and eateries:

  • Uwajima Misaki Fish Market: Located near the Uwajima Port, this bustling fish market offers an authentic seafood experience. You can buy fresh seafood to take home or enjoy a meal at one of the on-site restaurants.
  • Maruya: This cozy restaurant specializes in Ise Ebi cuisine, serving up various mouthwatering lobster dishes. Don't miss their grilled Ise Ebi, which is a local favorite.
  • Uwajimaya Sushi: For sushi enthusiasts, this sushi bar is a must-visit. Sit at the counter and watch the skilled chefs prepare an array of exquisite sushi using the freshest seafood.
  • Machiya Uwajima: Located in a traditional Japanese wooden townhouse, Machiya Uwajima offers a delightful dining experience. Enjoy their Tai Meshi and other regional specialties in a charming atmosphere.

These are just a few options to get you started on your culinary adventure in Uwajima. Don't be afraid to explore the local streets and stumble upon hidden gems along the way.


Uwajima is a treasure trove of authentic cuisine that showcases the region's rich culinary heritage. From seafood delights like Ise Ebi and Tai Meshi to unique twists on udon, the city offers a wide range of flavors to satisfy every palate. Embark on a gastronomic journey through Uwajima and discover the delicious delights that await you.