Exploring Areopoli: Practical Travel Guide to Greece's Gem

Discover Areopoli: Unveil Greece's hidden gem with our travel guide. Experience historic sites, unique culture, and local cuisine.

Exploring Areopoli: Practical Travel Guide to Greece's Gem

Introduction to Areopoli

Your journey into the heart of Laconia, South Greece, takes you to the charming town of Areopoli. Nestled in the Mani Peninsula, this historic locality thrives on its rich cultural tapestry, unique culinary delights, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Historical Context

Carrying the weight of a rich history, Areopoli, first known as Tsimova, has always been a significant point of interest in Greece. Following the Greek War of Independence in 1821, the town was renamed Areopoli – after Ares, the god of war, in recognition of the city's substantial contribution to the war. The enchanting buildings featured throughout the town are a testament to its rich history, with tower houses and churches dating back as far as the Ottoman Turkish Empire and Venetian colonization.

Cultural Practices

In Areopoli, traditional Greek culture thrives. Here, heritage is expressed through the local folklore, costumes, dances and music. The town's vibrant spirit reverberates through its cobblestoned streets, where one can spot residents in traditional Maniat attire. Accompanied by local songs often glorifying the brave exploits of the Maniots during the war of independence, these practices make exploring Areopoli's cultural scene a must.


In keeping with Greek tradition, Areopoli hosts annual festivals. Some notable ones include:

August Feast

In August, join the locals as they celebrate the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. This celebration brings the town alive with festive activities, traditional music, and delectable local eats. A highlight is the parade featuring traditional Maniat costumes.

Easter in Areopoli

Experience the unique Easter celebrations in Areopoli. These are marked by spectacular firework displays on Good Saturday, highlighted by the "Burning of Judas." A life-size effigy of Judas is set alight, symbolizing his betrayal of Christ.

Local Anecdotes

The Areopolitans are immensely proud of their city's history. An interesting local anecdote often heard is about the "Tower of Sklavounakos" which was built in just 24 hours to safeguard a local Maniat lord from his enemies. Another one is the tale of Mavromichalis family, local warlords who had a major role in the Greek War of Independence.

Interesting Facts

A lesser-known fact about Areopoli is its role in silk production during the Ottoman period. This heralded the construction of several tower houses, distinguishing Areopoli from its neighboring areas.


From its rich history and vibrant culture to traditional festivals and intriguing local anecdotes, this hidden Greek gem, Areopoli, offers an immersive travel experience. As you walk the streets forged by legends past, you will undoubtedly feel the soul of Greece beating within this charming town.

If you are planning to visit, make sure to stop by the Mavromichalis family tower-cum-museum, the church of Taxiarches, the heroic statues in the main square and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the traditional tavernas dotted around the town.

Happy travels!