"Essential Travel Guide: Exploring Amorgos, Greece"

Discover Amorgos, Greece! Dive into azure waters, explore ancient ruins, and savor local cuisine in this hidden gem.

"Essential Travel Guide: Exploring Amorgos, Greece"


Amorgos, the easternmost island of Greece's Cyclades group, is a gem in the Aegean Sea. Its beauty, charm, and ancient history have made it a must-visit destination for all types of travelers. Here's an essential travel guide to making the most of your visit to Amorgos.

Historical Context

Amorgos has a rich history dating back to the Early Bronze Age. Inhabited since the 4th millennium BC, it was a place of importance during the Classical period of Ancient Greece. Mystical and fascinating, the island's archaeological and historical sites provide a window into its intriguing past.

Cultural Practices

Amorgos, like the rest of Greece, is a place where tradition meets modern life. From the unique local dialect spoken by its residents to their enduring customs and traditions, Amorgos offers visitors a genuine experience of Greek island culture.

Exploring Amorgos: Top Sightseeing Spots

  1. Monastery of Hozoviotissa: Built into a cliff-face 300m above the sea, this 11th-century monastery is a unique architectural marvel and offers breathtaking panoramic views.
  2. Ancient City of Arkesini: For a glimpse into Amorgos' ancient past, a visit to the ruins of Arkesini is a must. It's a city that dates back to the Classical Period.
  3. Mouros Beach: Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean at Mouros Beach, one of the island's most stunning beaches.


Experience the rich culture and traditions of Amorgos by participating in its local festivals. The most popular is the Transfiguration of Christ festival in August, featuring traditional music, dance, and local cuisine. Another significant event is the Agia Marina festival celebrated in July, which includes a donkey race and other traditional festivities.

Local Anecdotes

Amorgos is known for its friendly locals who are always keen to share interesting stories and folklore about the island. One anecdote concerns an ancient belief that the island's powerful winds were thought to be the breath of the gods. This belief still influences architectural practices today, with many houses built facing away from the prevailing wind for protection.

Interesting Facts

Film enthusiasts may recognize Amorgos from the French film "The Big Blue" (Le Grand Bleu), which was shot on the island and showcases its stunning landscapes and sea views.


Whether you're a history lover, a beach bum, or a culture enthusiast, Amorgos, with its mesmerizing beauty and deep cultural roots, will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.