Discover Anafi: Essential Guide to Greece's Hidden Island

Uncover Anafi, Greece's untouched paradise, with this guide. Explore pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and quaint village life in just 130 characters.

Discover Anafi: Essential Guide to Greece's Hidden Island

Welcome to Anafi

Anafi, a small island in the Aegean, part of the southern Cyclades, is a hidden gem of Greece. Often overlooked by tourists, the island's tranquility, unspoiled landscapes, and mesmerizing views make it a cherished spot for all seeking rest and authenticity.

Historical Context

Mythologically, Anafi emerged from the Aegean Sea to provide refuge to the Argonauts. Archaeological remnants dating back to the Neolithic era suggest the permanence of life, while written events refer to its Phoenician inhabitation, Hellenistic progress, Roman presence, and Byzantine ruling until it fell into the hands of the Venetians and later the Turks.

Cultural Practices

The culture of Anafi reflects its long and diverse history. With less than 300 permanent residents, it has managed to maintain its unique traditions handed down from generation to generation. Even today, you will find traditional windmills and stone-made houses in the Village (Chora), a characteristic feature of Cycladic architecture.


Festivals are an intrinsic part of Anafi’s cultural life, the most significant being:

  • The Assumption of the Virgin Mary - This is celebrated on August 15, and Anafians commemorate it with church services, traditional music, and dancing.
  • Easter- The Orthodox Easter is a week full of customs and traditions. The island residents cook local delicacies and share them amongst themselves and their visitors.
  • Agioi Anargyroi - This religious festivity takes place on July 1, characterized by a large feast, music, and dancing.

Local Anecdotes and Interesting Facts

An old anecdote tells that when the Turks dominated Anafi, the islanders fooled them into believing that their island was poor and arid by sowing barley in their vineyards. This trickery worked, and the Turks lowered the taxes considerably.
The name Anafi itself, allegedly given by the Argonauts, translates to 'Revelation' in Greek. It reflected their relief when the island's emerged from the fog, giving them a much-needed refuge.

Practical Information

Anafi does not have an airport. The easiest way to reach there is a ferry from Piraeus, Athens. It is advisable to carry cash since ATMs are limited, and not all places accept cards. For your stay, you may choose from a handful of guesthouses and rooms available for rent often owned and run by locals.

Unquestionable Beauty

Anafi is a destination you would not want to miss. The view of the Venetian castle at sunset, the walk among stone houses and narrow alleys, the incandescent hospitality of locals, and the peaceful beaches will create unforgettable memories. Visiting this island means experiencing Greece in its most genuine and unaffected form.