Comprehensive Guide to Patrasso: Travel and Exploration

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Comprehensive Guide to Patrasso: Travel and Exploration

Welcome to Patrasso

Patrasso, a beautiful, unexplored gem, nestled in the heart of uncanny landscapes, history and culture.

Historical context

Patrasso's history is rich and filled with countless tales of prominence and adventure. The city was established in 600BC by Patraeus, a Greek voyager. The city's history is apparent in its ancient architecture, which can still be seen today.

Cultural practices

Patrasso's culture is deeply rooted in its history. The people of Patrasso have preserved traditional Greek practices, evidenced in their food, dress, dance, and other customs. Patrasso is known for its 'Opa!, a traditional dance where participants form a circle and dance in unison, accompanied by melodious tunes. The dance signifies unity and togetherness.


Patrasso comes alive with ecstasy and vibrancy during the annual 'Patra Carnival'. This flamboyant festival marked with an array of parades, colourful costumes, music concertos, dance performances, food fairs and wine tasting sessions.

Local Anecdotes

The city thrives with local tales and anecdotes. One of the most famous is the Legend of the Hidden Temple which was believed to have vanquished under the ground during the great earthquake of 708 AD. They say, on quiet nights, you can still hear the faint, serene sounds of prayers escaping from beneath the ground.

Interesting facts

  • Patrasso is known for its olives & hence is often called the city of olives.
  • The popular dance 'Zorba' originated from Patrasso and later went on to gain international fame.
  • Odysseus, the hero of the Greek epic 'Odyssey', was believed to have been born in Patrasso.

Travel recommendations

Travelers to Patrasso should definitely explore the city's historic sites, which include the ancient temple of Patraeus and the city national museum. For shopping lovers, check out the local market where you can find a unique selection of handmade souvenirs. For food lovers, try 'Patra Pie', a local delicacy that should not be missed.