Chalkida Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Info

Chalkida Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Info

Chalkida Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Info

Chalkida, also known as Chalkis, is a picturesque coastal town located in central Greece, on the island of Euboea. With its rich history, charming character, and stunning views overlooking the Evripos Channel, Chalkida is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Getting There

Chalkida is easily accessible from Athens, the capital of Greece. You can reach Chalkida by car in approximately 1 hour via the National Road Athens-Lamia or by bus from the Liosion Bus Station in Athens.

Where to Stay

Chalkida offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveler's needs. From cozy guesthouses and boutique hotels in the town center to beachfront resorts along the coast, you will find the perfect place to stay during your visit.

Things to Do

  • Walk along the unique old bridge of Chalkida and watch the mesmerizing phenomenon of the changing current direction every six hours.
  • Explore the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida to learn about the town's history and ancient artifacts.
  • Visit the ruins of the ancient city of Eretria, located a short drive away from Chalkida.
  • Relax on the beaches of Karababa and Liani Ammos or enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.
  • Discover the traditional Greek cuisine at local tavernas and restaurants offering fresh seafood and regional specialties.

Shopping and Nightlife

Chalkida's town center is vibrant with shops, boutiques, and cafes where you can indulge in shopping for local souvenirs and products. In the evening, the waterfront comes alive with bars and tavernas offering a lively nightlife experience.

Day Trips

From Chalkida, you can take day trips to explore other parts of Euboea, such as the charming villages of Steni and Limni or the natural beauty of the Dimosari Gorge. You can also visit the famous spa town of Edipsos known for its thermal springs.


Chalkida enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters, making it an ideal year-round destination. The best time to visit is during the spring and autumn months when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities.