Best Times to Visit Billings: Weather, Seasons & Months

Best Times to Visit Billings: Weather, Seasons & Months

Best Times to Visit Billings: Weather, Seasons & Months

When planning a trip to Billings, Montana, it's essential to consider the weather conditions to make the most of your visit. Billings experiences a semi-arid climate with four distinct seasons, each offering unique experiences for visitors. Understanding the weather patterns can help you decide the best time to explore this vibrant city.

Seasons in Billings

Billings has four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each season brings different weather conditions and activities, making it an ideal destination year-round.

Weather by Month

Month Season Humidity Temperature (°F) Sun Hours Rainfall (inches)
January Winter Low 20-40 5 0.5
February Winter Low 25-45 6 0.5
March Spring Low-Moderate 35-55 7 1.0
April Spring Moderate 40-60 8 1.5
May Spring Moderate 50-70 9 2.0
June Summer Moderate 60-80 10 1.0
July Summer Moderate 65-90 11 1.0
August Summer Moderate 65-90 10 0.8
September Fall Moderate 55-75 8 1.0
October Fall Moderate 45-65 7 1.0
November Winter Low-Moderate 30-50 6 0.8
December Winter Low 20-40 5 0.5

Best Time to Visit Billings

The best time to visit Billings depends on your preferences. Summer (June to August) is popular for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and exploring Yellowstone National Park. Fall (September to October) offers beautiful foliage and milder temperatures, perfect for scenic drives and outdoor events. Winter (November to February) brings a winter wonderland with opportunities for skiing and snow sports. Spring (March to May) showcases blooming wildflowers and is ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Plan Your Visit to Billings

Whether you prefer winter sports, summer adventures, or the tranquility of spring blooms, Billings has something for every traveler. Consider the weather and activities you enjoy most to plan your visit accordingly and make the most of your time in this charming Montana city.