Best Time to Visit Kagoshima: Weather, Seasons, and Months

Best Time to Visit Kagoshima: Weather, Seasons, and Months

Best Time to Visit Kagoshima: Weather, Seasons, and Months

Kagoshima, located in the southern part of Kyushu Island in Japan, offers a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers. Its unique geographical location, surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean, allows for diverse weather patterns throughout the year. Understanding the weather, seasons, and months can help you plan the best time to visit this beautiful city.

Seasons in Kagoshima

Kagoshima experiences four distinct seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season brings with it different weather conditions, temperatures, and natural beauty.

Spring: March to May

Spring in Kagoshima is marked by cherry blossoms (sakura) that transform the city into a picturesque wonderland. The average temperature ranges from 13°C to 22°C (55°F to 72°F). It is recommended to visit Kagoshima in late March to early April to witness the full bloom of cherry blossoms.

Summer: June to August

Summers in Kagoshima are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 23°C to 31°C (73°F to 88°F). July and August are particularly rainy months, often accompanied by typhoons. Despite the occasional rain, summer also offers vibrant festivals and lively outdoor activities.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn in Kagoshima is a pleasant season with milder temperatures ranging from 17°C to 27°C (63°F to 81°F). This season is renowned for its colorful foliage, creating a stunning backdrop for sightseeing and hiking. November is an excellent time to visit for the incredible autumn foliage views.

Winter: December to February

Winters in Kagoshima are mild compared to other regions in Japan, with temperatures ranging from 7°C to 15°C (45°F to 59°F). Snowfall is rare, and the weather generally remains dry. It is a great time to explore Kagoshima's historic sites and enjoy hot springs.

Monthly Weather Overview

Month Season Humidity Temperature (°C) Sunshine (hours) Rainfall (mm)
January Winter 67% 7 - 13 138 69
February Winter 68% 7 - 13 126 76
March Spring 70% 10 - 16 150 161
April Spring 73% 14 - 21 167 180
May Spring 76% 18 - 24 180 209
June Summer 80% 22 - 27 157 261
July Summer 83% 24 - 31 166 274
August Summer 82% 24 - 31 169 234
September Autumn 79% 20 - 29 169 193
October Autumn 76% 14 - 24 178 133
November Autumn 72% 11 - 20 155 100
December Winter 69% 8 - 15 134 58


Kagoshima offers various attractions and activities throughout the year, depending on your preferences and tolerance for different weather conditions. Spring is ideal for cherry blossom viewing, while autumn showcases stunning foliage. Winter provides a mild escape, and summer brings vibrant festivals despite occasional rainy days. Consider the climate and events you wish to experience when planning your visit to Kagoshima.

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