Best Time to Visit Cisterna di Latina: Ideal Weather, Seasons & Months

Best Time to Visit Cisterna di Latina: Ideal Weather, Seasons & Months

Best Time to Visit Cisterna di Latina: Ideal Weather, Seasons & Months

Cisterna di Latina, a town in the Lazio region of Italy, offers a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. To plan your visit to Cisterna di Latina, it is important to consider the weather forecast and the ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the town's charming attractions.


Cisterna di Latina experiences four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season brings unique weather conditions and activities to enjoy.

Spring (March to May)

Spring in Cisterna di Latina is pleasant with mild temperatures and blooming landscapes. Average temperatures range from 12°C (53°F) in March to 22°C (72°F) in May. The weather is ideal for exploring the town's historical sites and enjoying outdoor activities.

Summer (June to August)

Summer in Cisterna di Latina is warm and sunny. The average temperatures range from 23°C (73°F) in June to 29°C (84°F) in August. It is the peak tourist season, and visitors can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the nearby beaches or exploring the town's historical and cultural attractions.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn is another pleasant season to visit Cisterna di Latina. The temperatures gradually cool down, ranging from 22°C (72°F) in September to 15°C (59°F) in November. The town is less crowded during this season, allowing visitors to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the fall foliage.

Winter (December to February)

Winter in Cisterna di Latina is mild with occasional rainfall. The average temperatures range from 8°C (46°F) in December to 13°C (55°F) in February. It is the least crowded season, and visitors can still explore the town's indoor attractions and enjoy cozy evenings at local restaurants.

Monthly Weather

The following table provides an overview of the monthly weather statistics in Cisterna di Latina:

Month Season Humidity Temperature (°C) Sun Hours Rainfall (mm)
January Winter 73% 8°C (46°F) 4 hours 74mm
February Winter 70% 9°C (48°F) 4 hours 66mm
March Spring 66% 12°C (53°F) 5 hours 53mm
April Spring 64% 16°C (61°F) 6 hours 41mm
May Spring 62% 22°C (72°F) 8 hours 31mm
June Summer 63% 23°C (73°F) 9 hours 19mm
July Summer 63% 26°C (79°F) 10 hours 10mm
August Summer 64% 29°C (84°F) 9 hours 15mm
September Autumn 70% 22°C (72°F) 7 hours 36mm
October Autumn 74% 18°C (64°F) 6 hours 74mm
November Autumn 75% 12°C (54°F) 4 hours 100mm
December Winter 75% 8°C (46°F) 4 hours 79mm


Cisterna di Latina is a beautiful town to visit throughout the year, but the best time to visit depends on individual preferences. Spring and autumn offer mild temperatures and fewer crowds, making it an excellent time to explore the sights and enjoy outdoor activities. Summer, with its warm weather and long sunny days, is ideal for beach lovers.

Whether you choose to visit during the vibrant spring, the sunny summer, or the serene autumn, Cisterna di Latina will captivate you with its cultural heritage and natural beauty.