Best Time to Visit Amiens: Weather, Seasons & Recommended Months

Best Time to Visit Amiens: Weather, Seasons & Recommended Months

Amiens, located in northern France, experiences a temperate oceanic climate, influenced by the proximity to the North Atlantic and the English Channel. The city offers distinct seasons, each with its own weather characteristics and attractions. Before planning your trip to Amiens, it is important to understand the weather patterns and choose the best time to visit based on your preferences.

Seasons in Amiens

Amiens has four distinct seasons: spring (March to May), summer (June to August), autumn (September to November), and winter (December to February). Here is an overview of the weather conditions and activities during each season:

Spring (March to May)

Spring in Amiens brings milder temperatures and the city starts to come alive with vibrant blooming flowers and trees. The average high temperatures range from 10°C (50°F) in March to 17°C (63°F) in May. Rainfall is moderate during this time, so it is advisable to carry an umbrella or raincoat. Spring is a popular season for visiting Amiens' beautiful gardens and exploring the city's historical landmarks.

Summer (June to August)

Summer in Amiens is pleasantly warm, with average high temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) in June to 24°C (75°F) in August. This is a popular time for tourists, as the weather is ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the city. The days are longer, providing more daylight hours to enjoy the stunning Cathedral of Notre-Dame and take a river cruise on the Somme River.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn brings cooler temperatures to Amiens, with average highs ranging from 18°C (64°F) in September to 10°C (50°F) in November. The foliage in Amiens' parks and gardens starts to change color, creating a picturesque scene. The city's cultural events, such as the Amiens International Film Festival in November, attract visitors during this season.

Winter (December to February)

Winter in Amiens is chilly, with average highs ranging from 7°C (45°F) in December to 6°C (43°F) in February. Snowfall is possible, but not common. The city is less crowded during this time, making it a great opportunity to explore indoor attractions such as the Musée de Picardie and enjoy the cozy ambiance of cafes and restaurants.

The best time to visit Amiens largely depends on your personal preferences and the activities you plan to undertake. Here are the recommended months to visit Amiens based on weather conditions and popular events:

Month Season Humidity Temperature (°C) Sun (hours) Rain (mm)
March Spring 78% 10°C / 50°F 5 45
April Spring 75% 13°C / 55°F 6 44
May Spring 72% 17°C / 63°F 7 48
June Summer 73% 20°C / 68°F 8 48
July Summer 73% 22°C / 72°F 9 51
August Summer 75% 24°C / 75°F 8 52
September Autumn 76% 18°C / 64°F 7 42
October Autumn 79% 13°C / 55°F 4 60
November Autumn 84% 8°C / 46°F 3 61
December Winter 88% 7°C / 45°F 2 55
January Winter 87% 6°C / 43°F 2 55
February Winter 85% 7°C / 45°F 3 50

Based on the weather conditions, the months of June, July, and August are the best time to visit Amiens. These summer months offer comfortable temperatures, longer days, and a higher chance of sunny weather. Spring and autumn are also good times to visit if you prefer milder temperatures and fewer crowds. However, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing and be prepared for occasional rainfall during these seasons.

Now that you know the best time to visit Amiens, you can plan your trip accordingly and make the most of your experience in this charming French city.