Best Seasons to Visit Addis Ababa: Weather Guide & Ideal Months

Best Seasons to Visit Addis Ababa: Weather Guide & Ideal Months

Best Seasons to Visit Addis Ababa: Weather Guide & Ideal Months

Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, is known for its mild climate throughout the year. Situated at an elevation of around 2,400 meters (7,900 feet) above sea level, the city experiences pleasant temperatures and a diverse climate.

If you are planning a visit to Addis Ababa, it is essential to know about the best seasons to enjoy the city's weather to the fullest. Here is a weather guide with ideal months to visit Addis Ababa:

Month Season Humidity Temperature Sun Rain
January Dry Season 35% 14°C - 23°C 8 hours 0 mm
February Dry Season 30% 14°C - 24°C 9 hours 0 mm
March Dry Season 30% 15°C - 25°C 8 hours 5 mm
April Dry Season 35% 15°C - 25°C 8 hours 20 mm
May Belg (Short Rains) 55% 14°C - 24°C 7 hours 65 mm
June Belg (Short Rains) 70% 13°C - 23°C 5 hours 160 mm
July Belg (Short Rains) 75% 12°C - 21°C 5 hours 255 mm
August Belg (Short Rains) 70% 12°C - 20°C 4 hours 235 mm
September Belg (Short Rains) 65% 12°C - 23°C 5 hours 145 mm
October Dry Season 35% 13°C - 24°C 8 hours 20 mm
November Dry Season 35% 13°C - 24°C 9 hours 5 mm
December Dry Season 35% 13°C - 23°C 9 hours 0 mm

Dry Season (January, February, March, April, October, November, December): The dry season in Addis Ababa is characterized by low humidity, mild temperatures, and minimal rainfall. It is an ideal time to explore the city's attractions, go on hiking trips, or enjoy outdoor activities.

Belg (Short Rains) Season (May, June, July, August, September): The Belg season brings short rainfalls to Addis Ababa. While the rain is not constant, it is advisable to pack an umbrella or raincoat if visiting during this period. The temperatures are slightly cooler compared to the dry season.

Regardless of the season, the average temperature in Addis Ababa stays between 12°C to 25°C (54°F to 77°F). The city receives the maximum amount of sunshine during the dry season, with an average of 8-9 hours of sunlight per day.

It is important to note that Addis Ababa's weather can be unpredictable at times, so it is always recommended to check the forecast before planning any outdoor activities.