Ashikaga: Discovering Local Customs & Festivals

Ashikaga: Discovering Local Customs & Festivals

Ashikaga: Discovering Local Customs & Festivals

Welcome to Ashikaga

Ashikaga is a charming city located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Known for its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and warm local hospitality, Ashikaga is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an authentic Japanese experience.

Exploring Local Customs

Immerse yourself in Ashikaga's unique customs and traditions to truly appreciate the local culture. Here are a few customs you should be aware of:


Bowing is an important form of greeting in Japan, and Ashikaga is no exception. When meeting someone new or showing respect, it is customary to bow slightly. Take the time to observe how locals greet each other and follow suit.

Shoes Off

In many places, including homes and traditional establishments like ryokans (Japanese inns) and temples, it is customary to remove your shoes upon entry. Look for signs or follow the locals' lead to determine if you should take off your shoes.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is an ancient ritual that centers around the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha (powdered green tea). Experience this beautiful tradition for yourself by participating in a tea ceremony at one of the city's tea houses.

Experience Ashikaga's Festivals

Ashikaga is known for its vibrant festivals, where locals come together to celebrate age-old traditions and enjoy lively performances. Here are a few festivals you should not miss:

Ashikaga Gakko Festival

The Ashikaga Gakko Festival is held annually in May and celebrates the rich history of Ashikaga Gakko, a prestigious academy founded during the Muromachi period. Enjoy traditional music and dance performances, delicious street food, and a lively parade that highlights the city's cultural heritage.

Wisteria Festival

The Wisteria Festival takes place in April and May, when the famed Ashikaga Flower Park becomes a captivating sea of blooming wisteria flowers. Stroll through the park's wisteria tunnels, admire the vibrant colors, and indulge in the festive atmosphere.

Yagiri-no-Watashi Boat Festival

The Yagiri-no-Watashi Boat Festival is a unique event held in August, where beautifully decorated boats traverse the Watarase River. Experience the excitement as the boats compete in races, accompanied by lively music and cheering crowds.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

No trip to Ashikaga is complete without savoring the local cuisine. From mouthwatering ramen to delicate sushi, the city offers a range of delectable dishes to please every palate. Here are a few specialties to try:

  • Ramen: Ashikaga is known for its delicious ramen, featuring rich broth and chewy noodles. Be sure to sample a bowl from one of the city's renowned ramen shops.
  • Gyoza: These Japanese dumplings are an Ashikaga favorite. Indulge in flavorful gyoza with a crispy bottom and juicy filling.
  • Tochigi Wagyu: Tochigi Prefecture is famous for its high-quality Wagyu beef. Treat yourself to a mouthwatering Wagyu steak or sukiyaki while in Ashikaga.
  • Yuba: Yuba, or tofu skin, is a specialty of the region. Enjoy it in various dishes, such as yuba sushi or yuba hot pot.

Visit Ashikaga

Ashikaga's rich cultural heritage, stunning festivals, and delicious cuisine make it a delightful destination for travelers. Immerse yourself in the local customs, join the vibrant festivals, and indulge in the flavors of Ashikaga. Start planning your visit to this charming Japanese city today!