Ascoli Piceno: Exploring Local History, Customs, and Traditions

Ascoli Piceno: Exploring Local History, Customs, and Traditions

Welcome to Ascoli Piceno

In the heart of the Marche region in Italy, nestled between the rolling Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, lies the beautiful city of Ascoli Piceno. As ancient as Rome, Ascoli Piceno overflows with historical sites, characteristic traditions, and local flavors that make it an excellent destination for any adventurer.

History Galore

Ascoli Piceno's history is remarkable, right from its foundation by the Piceni people in the between the 9th and 4th centuries BC. The city has gone through various rulers from the Romans, Lombards to becoming part of the Papal States. Each ruler left their distinctive architectural and cultural imprint on the city, creating a rich tapestry that travelers love to unravel.

Cultural Traditions

This charming city offers a vast range of cultural traditions such as the Quintana jousting tournament and Fritto Misto. Quintana, a historical reenactment that involves medieval-style games, horse racing, and jousting. Fritto Misto, on the other hand, is an annual event dedicated to fried food — a feast for the taste buds.

Visiting the Piazza del Popolo

At the heart of the city lies the elegant Piazza del Popolo, often referred to as Italy's most beautiful medieval square. The travertine-paved square houses key architectural gems like the Palazzo dei Capitani, the historic Caffè Meletti, and the Church of San Francesco.

Sightseeing Points of Interest

  • Sant'Emidio Cathedral: This magnificent cathedral is dedicated to Saint Emygdius, the patron saint of the city and earthquakes.
  • Ponte di Cecco: One of the oldest and most beautiful bridges in Ascoli Piceno. Built during the Roman Age, it is still a spectacle today.
  • The Malatesta Fortress: This fortress offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. It is a vivid testimony to the Middle Ages, a period when it served as a strategic point for the defense of Ascoli Piceno.


Ascoli Piceno boasts a rich gastronomy that will appeal to every foodie. The city is known for its Olive all'Ascolana (stuffed olives), Pecorino cheese, and various seafood dishes. Coupled with a bottle of Rosso Piceno Superiore or Falerio dei colli Ascolani, meals here are an absolute delight.

The Marche Region

While Ascoli Piceno is a destination that can keep anyone occupied, it's worth remembering that it is part of the Marche region. A land bathed by the Adriatic Sea, endowed with spectacular hills, enchanting art cities, national parks, and an enviable gastronomic tradition.

Below you will find a map of Ascoli Piceno. We hope you've already started dreaming of your visit.