Antipaxos: A Comprehensive Guide to Greece's Hidden Gem

Explore Antipaxos, Greece's hidden gem boasting azure seas, vineyards, and secluded beaches. Discover a tranquil paradise.

Antipaxos: A Comprehensive Guide to Greece's Hidden Gem


Antipaxos is a jewel in the Ionian Sea, a tiny paradise off the coast of Greece. Nestled just south of Paxos Island, Antipaxos, with its azure waters and beautiful vineyards, offers an invigorating getaway from daily life.

Historical Context

The history of Antipaxos is as rich and captivating as the beauty of the island. Though the island was relatively uninhabited until the 19th century, it has historical links that date back to the Roman and Byzantine times. Indeed, the Ionian Islands have been a melting pot of cultural influences from the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, French, and British.

Geography and Climate

Antipaxos is essentially a marine paradise covering just under 5 square kilometres. The climate here is typically Mediterranean, with balmy, sun-drenched summers and mild winters. Its stunning beaches, namely Voutoumi and Vrika, are the true heart of this island.

Cultural Practices

Greek culture is vibrant and alive in Antipaxos. The local tradition of wine making is prevalent on this island. It's not the volume that counts on this small island, but the quality. These homemade wines are not just delicious but a vital part of the local economy.


Although Antipaxos's population is small, the spirit of festivity is evergreen. The Festival of Agia Marina, held each summer on July 17th, is the highlight of the year attracting visitors from nearby islands for a night of dancing, food, and of course, wine.

Local Anecdotes

Antipaxos, although small, has its own share of quirky anecdotes. One such tale revolves around a local tavern owner who is known to use a mirror for signaling the approaching of customers. Inside, the tavern has retained its original charm from the past century.

Interesting Facts

Despite its size, Antipaxos houses vast vineyards. Interestingly, the island lacks freshwater sources, so the grapevines rely heavily on winter rains. Yet despite these challenges, Antipaxos produces high-quality wines that are savored across Greece.

Places to visit

  1. Voutoumi beach:The beauty of this serene beach is world-renowned, with its exotic blue waters contrasting with the vibrant greens of the surrounding nature.
  2. Vrika beach:This beach, unlike Voutoumi, has sandy shallows making it perfect for families. Plus, the tavernas here offer tasty local cuisine.
  3. Local Vineyards: A visit to Antipaxos isn't complete without experiencing its wine culture. Visitors are welcomed to tour the vineyards and sample the local wines.


If a quiet, tranquil holiday is what you seek, then look no further than the blissful serenity of Antipaxos. From its clear, shimmering beaches to its divine wine, this place is truly a hidden gem in the Ionian Sea.