Agathonisi Island Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Highlights

Discover Agathonisi Island, Greece: a tranquil haven of pristine beaches, rich culture, and timeless beauty. Explore oddly untouched paradise!

Agathonisi Island Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Highlights

Welcome to Agathonisi Island, Greece

Agathonisi Island, the northernmost island of the Dodecanese archipelago in Greece, is a small but dynamic destination welcoming visitors with its peaceful atmosphere, radiant sunshine, and untouched natural beauty. Our comprehensive travel guide covers the essential tips and highlights to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Historical Overview

Historically known as Tragean Isles and Gaidaro, Agathonisi has a rich history dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. It was an important strategic point during the Byzantine era and was later occupied by the Knights of St. John, the Turks, the Italians, and the Germans, which have all significantly influenced the local culture and architecture.

Cultural Practices

Agathonisian culture is a colorful mix of traditions from the island's past and the hearty resilience of its present. The cultural practices reflect a mix of Mediterranean charm and Greek hospitality characterized by festive music, traditional dance, local cuisine, and Orthodox Christianity.


The most important festival on the island is the Feast of Agia Marina, celebrated on July 17. This vibrant celebration involves traditional music, dance, and a communal feast. Other notable festivals include Easter and the summer "panigiri" which are open-air fairs full of food, drink, and dancing.

Local Anecdotes

Agathonisi is often referred to as the 'island of the goats' due to its large population of free-roaming goats. It’s a wonderful sight when these goats can be seen scaling the island's rock formations. The island also prides itself on its rich seafaring tradition, with many inhabitants still retaining their ancestral fishing professions.

Interesting Facts

  • Agathonisi houses only about 150 residents, offering a truly peaceful getaway.
  • The island doesn't have an airport, so it's only accessible by ferry.
  • Despite its size, Agathonisi is home to three beautiful villages: Megalo Chorio, Mikro Chorio, and Agios Georgios.
  • The island is an important part of the EU's Natura 2000 project, preserving its natural beauty and biodiversity.

Getting Around

Cycling or walking are the best ways to explore the island due to its size and the absence of local public transportation. Car and motobike rentals are also available for those wanting to venture further afield.

Things to Do

  1. Visit the Island’s picturesque villages.
  2. Explore beautiful beaches like Spilia and Poros.
  3. Try traditional Greek dishes at local taverns.
  4. Attend the Feast of Agia Marina or other local festivals.
  5. Visit the Saint George Monastery.

Where to Stay

There are a number of beautiful hotels and rental houses available for visitors. Different types of accommodations have different appeal whether you like to stay close to the nature or prefer a luxury stay, you can have it all on Agathonisi.

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